The day America stood still

On a day like today, 77 years ago, October 30, 1938, Orson Welles fooled the whole nation into believing a Martian invasion was taking place in New York and New Jersey during a radio drama adaptation of  H. G. Wells‘ novel ‘The War of the Worlds’. With a series of simulated news bulletins, he made the country believe the nation was being attacked by unstoppable alien invaders from Mars, causing mass panic and the outrage of both the audience and the press.




The following day, during a press conference, the author was made to apologize for the broadcast in front of a flock of journalists.

Ever since then, many have been the attempts, but nobody has been able to beat what it is considered to be the best Halloween prank of the century.

If you want to listen to the original radio drama, here is a link:

You can also find the transcript here:

Enjoy it!

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